Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Discovery is Joy

Discovery is one of the main sources of joy in life. What makes a good trip, well, good? Discovering new places, new people, unique items (yes, shopaholics are good discoverers too), new foods, etc. Even within one's own city, ambling about and then discovering a little known (or simply unknown to you) nice spot gives one a memorable feeling of discovery. Discovery is why researchers, especially scientists, describe their jobs as being so much fun. And it's not just about personal discovery. Some of the most happy times in life include when observing someone you care about discover a surprise -- the look on their face when walking into a surprise party, or the joy they experience when unwrapping a gift. And let's not forget one of the biggest joys in life: children and pets. Observing a child or a pet discover the world never fails to make anyone smile. So, are you convinced yet? Discovery equals joy. But please don't take this as an endorsement of the Discovery Channel...

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